Established in 1998 by Mr.Anand G. Pendurkar, Hari Om Martial Arts is a complete 'all in one' martial arts training academy in India.With a view of teaching different styles of logoMartial arts in under one roof ,the organisation has created many Natioanal and International players.Thus the association has achieved a significant spot in Indian Martial Arts.

The instructors of HOMAA preaches knowledge from different fields of Martial Arts like Karate, Ju-jitsu, Kobudo(Weapons), Judo, Kick-Boxing, Aikido. Along with karate good development of children through practice of Yoga, Dhyan, Pranayam is also inculcated to the children of HOMAA.

The institution has performed above the bar in many International and National tournaments held in Japan, Hungary, Berlin, Nepal etc.

"I wanted to join HOMAA as I wanted to learn Kung-Fu as I grew up seeing all BRUCE-LEE movies.But it was high time @ the age of 27 to do such stuff as i thought.But my desire to just learn just a fast-track course in my mind implied me to meet sensai personally and there I learnt that Martial Arts could be learnt right from the age of 4 to 40yrs according to which I was still inside the criteria !
I Practised up tough and here I am... Black-Belt today.I can say to all proudly... nothing is impossible !"
Prashant Chikane is now an Instructor at many schools in Bhandup and lives Karate as a Passion with Proffession.
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